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I am an interpreter of expression through flowers and aim to inspire awe from what I create.

I find the synergy between the corporate, or private client and portray their message through the use of floral design work. I do this through colour, texture and form.

My passion is seeing extraordinary combinations of colours in flowers, their textures, how they combine, or link with other flowers or foliages, seeds, buds, all sorts of natural, fresh, and dried and preserved natural elements. Texture is my magical ingredient. I want the eye to catch on to something in the design and wonder quietly across the work at hand, moving over and around.

I look for beautiful combinations of colours, that when observed they evoke a sense of awe. I like to use colour in a way that is like using water colour paints. I don’t like to blob my colours, but rather make them seem like they melt into each other, smudging my colours.

These elements have to combine to create the perfect visual effect, a feeling of perfect balance and rhythm as your eyes pass over the arrangement which inspires awe within.


Four Seasons Hotel - The Westcliff

An iconic hotel reborn, the new Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, Johannesburg, is a stylish urban resort. Elevated on a hillside with panoramic views across the Johannesburg Zoo and the prestigious neighbourhoods of The Parks, the Hotel is still conveniently close to business, culture, shopping and leisure activities.

Emely, at Boutique Florist is responsible for the floral design work across various spaces within the Hotel including: (Click on each item to view Gallery)

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